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How To Boost Your Global Localization Strategy With This 5 Simple Tips

By Roberto Reyes

July 19, 2022

A global localization strategy can help your brand become recognized worldwide, so people from many cultures can consume what you offer in different languages.

However, launching a global localization strategy isn’t easy.

You have to take a lot of factors into consideration that can prevent you from achieving global success.

And even if you think everything’s perfect…

There will always be elements that need to be corrected or optimized.

In this article we’ll show you how to boost your current global localization strategy following these 5 simple tips.

Once you put them into action, you’ll experience an explosive growth in your sales and income.

But first…

Do You Already Have a Global Localization Strategy?

do you have a localization strategy?

To implement the tips we’re about to share with you, it’s mandatory you’re already working on localization.

Because those tips are thought to improve your global localization strategy, not to create it.

We have a more detailed guide where we show you how to develop a cash-making localization strategy.

You can read it here.

However, if you are already implementing a localization strategy, then what we’ll show you is going to give you the boost you need to multiply your business’ sales.

The 5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Global Localization Strategy

Below you’ll see 5 tips to improve your localization strategy.

It doesn’t matter…

  • Your niche.
  • What you sell.
  • The size of your business.

These 5 tips will help you a lot.

So, pay very close attention and start to implement them once you’ve understood them.

1. Identify your audience’s wants and needs

When working on a localization strategy, it is normal that we think the people from other countries have the same wants and needs as the people in our original market.

The thing is…

That’s incorrect.

What people desire is strongly related to the culture and place where they grow.

You have to take into account things like…

  • The financial situation.
  • The geography.
  • The customs.

For example, if one of your promises you make in your marketing is to destroy your competition, you won’t have success in Japan.

Japan is a country where defamation isn’t seen under the best lens.

There are cases where the desires and fears of your target market are exactly the same as the ones of the non-English markets, of course.

But it might not be your case.

So, first of all, you need to make sure you really are speaking to the wants and needs of your new market.

2. Make a Localized Website

Many brands make the mistake of not localizing their websites.

Yes, they craft landing pages in many languages, which are specific for certain marketing campaigns.

But what happens when someone searches their name in Google?

They’re directed to the English homepage.

So, instead of just localizing landing pages separately, create an entirely new website in the languages you’re selling your products.

There are 2 ways to make this happen:

  1. By buying a new domain with a different extension (.es, an example in Spanish) or buying a different domain with a name inspired by the original one (youbrandes.com, where the “es” stands for spanish).
  2. By setting up a subdomain that changes automatically depending on the location of your prospect.

We recommend you the second, which is what Mindvalley did.

If you search Mindvalley on Google and you live in Mexico, for example, you won’t go to mindvalley.com when you click the first result. You’ll be directed to mindvalley.com/es.

This helps you manage everything under one place.

3. Dub Your Videos Instead Of Just Subtitling Them

Video is becoming the main source of traffic.

In fact, video represents 82.5% of all internet traffic, which is a huge number if you take into consideration the number of active internet users.

However, after working with many brands and doing various split tests, we’ve seen that dubbed videos have more effectiveness than only-subtitled videos.

This is clearly because people prefer to listen to videos in their language.

Dubbed videos also feel more native.

So, if you’re already using localized video content, we recommend you to go beyond subtitling.

Instead, look for professional voice-over actors to make dubbed videos.

This will help you grow faster and engage more with your audience.

4. Don’t Machines To Handle Your Translations

Today it is common to use software and AI that promise you to deliver perfect translations.

The problem is…

These machines aren’t perfect.

It is very common to end up with choppy-translations that seem as if they were made by a six-year-old, damaging your reputation and not communicating what you truly want to communicate.

In the future, robots might improve.

However, nowadays they aren’t capable of taking charge of your translations.

If you’re a brand that’s using translation software, we recommend you to stop employing them and have an expert review your current translations.

Then, make sure that any piece of content you publish from now on is revised by professional translators who will give you a higher-quality work.

5. Allow People To Pay In Their Local Currencies

Did you know that 92.2% of people prefer to buy in their local currency?

That’s right.

This is the reason why you also have to give people the option to pay in the local currencies.

Otherwise, you might be losing clients…

Also, here we have a clear example that localization is not only about translation.

To have success at a global scale, you need to take care with things like the currencies (in this case), colors, designs, and integrations with local platforms.

Allowing people to pay in their own currency is one of many steps that’ll help you get to the top.

A Global Localization Strategy Is What Will Make Your Business Thrive

Designing a global localization strategy isn’t easy.

You have to do a lot of things and need many experts to help you with every task you requiere.

However, if you want your business to grow…

Localization is the best way.

It’ll increase your target market and allow you to make more with what you already have.

Mindvalley, Marni the Wing Girl, Virtual Coach…

They are just some examples of businesses who are already using localization in their favor to expand their reach.

If you’d like to implement a global localization strategy…

We’re here to help you.


We handle everything you need to make your brand go global and explode your sales.

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