November 2


The Newest YouTube Channel Strategy to Grow Your Channel in 2023

By Roberto Reyes

November 2, 2022

Has Your YouTube Channel Reached a Plateau? Your Current YouTube Channel Strategy Isn’t Working Anymore?

It is natural for YouTube channels to hit a wall after high peaks in popularity, viewers, and subscribers; this doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of your content. 

It’s simple math. You have hit a plateau because most of your possible audience already follows you.

But don’t worry, that’s a great problem to have.

Of course, there are many techniques and tweaks used to boost your content and how to use algorithms in your favor.

Adjusting your SEO, creating content for new seasonal audiences, attractive thumbnails, etc.

But even then your growth will also be limited as your possible audience is limited as well. 

The answer is: thinking outside the box – or rather outside of your country. By conquering foreign markets you are pushing back those very boundaries, which essentially means an increase in revenue, new audiences and feedback, additional seasonal product sales, and overall brand new possibilities.

Keep in mind that only around 25%% of the global population is proficient in English; that is a big piece of the cake, just sitting there ready to be taken. 

All those possible benefits of expanding your audience will multiply your success exponentially.

Now, how can you achieve that? 

The YouTube Channel Strategy That’ll Make Your Channel Grow Exponentially

The correct term for this is localization, which basically means adapting your content to the language and cultural needs of this new target audience. 

By introducing your already successful product or service to a new market and skillfully adapting it to its specific conditions, you can preserve this winning formula and save thousands – if not millions – of dollars compared to creating a new branding and  marketing approach from scratch. 

Remember that 70% of global consumers spend most of their time on sites in their first language. So great content is always alluring, but to win a significant amount of viewers, subscribers and clients for your YouTube channel you need to present it to an audience in their language.

By now you know how a video cycle works, but it’s better explained when put into numbers: On the first 6 days, videos will generally receive 50% of their final total views. That curve flattens in the following days until by day 20, it will have reached 75% of the total final views. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could restart your video’s life cycle without any extra expenses on planning, producing, filming, and editing new content?

The answer to this is obviously ‘yes’ and you can achieve that with video localization

Not convinced yet? Check out these stats:

Researchers state that most online buyers will prefer to purchase from pages and products in their native language, as it showcases familiarity and a level of trust.

Even if they are fluent in English, 66% will still prefer to consume and pay for information in their first language.

This figure is great news for your YouTube channel if you know how to use this gap in your favor. It’s time to overcome those natural boundaries by expanding into new markets. 

The 7-Step Plan to Boost Your YouTube Channel Strategy Through Video Localization

We have broken down the process to give you a broader perspective on everything involved.

Step 1: Define your YouTube Channel strategy

You can only reach your goals if you know what you are aiming for. This step is about defining your objectives, timeline, and tools, but more importantly, it is about research. 

Understanding your target market’s culture, purchasing behaviors, and other local and regional factors such as payment methods and currency is a crucial factor. 

Also, it’s an excellent time to build the team and set objectives, KPIs, and deadlines.

Step 2: Lay out all content

This will be your map throughout the process; it’s important to expose all the content and structure of the new localized YouTube channel. 

Having a clear visual idea or map of everything involved in the process will help you be more efficient with time and resources. It’s like the foundation before you start building. Without doing this, your YouTube channel strategy will probably fail.

Step 3: Translate and create scripts for the videos

Another cornerstone in the video localization process is translation. It is not about translating word for word as most automated translation engines work; it’s about correctly and relatably communicating the core of a message but also all its details to an audience..

Here, the team needs to be extra thorough and detail-oriented to not only detect all those little adjustments necessary to make the translated script suitable for the requested language and regions but also use the correct technical terms for each area.

People are more engaged when they can identify with the content. The very goal of Video Localization is to make the content relatable for the target audience and make it feel natural, like it was never created for a different market in the first place..

Step 4:  Decide the video localization style

There are a few methods to localize a video; you can use subtitles, which is completely fine. But we at InfOhana believe that only voiceover or dubbing can recreate the magic of the original video.  

It is obviously connected with higher production costs, but as it immensely improves the overall quality of the localized product, it is almost always beneficial to the overall financial success of a project. 

That is why we only cast the best international talents that exactly fit the profile for your content. With their experience they know how to act a script to transmit all that emotion and power of your message to a new targeted audience.

Step 5: Create and edit dubbed videos

This is where the magic happens: you finally see all single parts getting combined into one, and hearing how your content sounds in other languages is always exciting.

Seeing content in other languages and how a different market reacts to your content, can often spark new ideas and gives you a different perspective on your original content as well.

You would be surprised how even the tiniest details contribute to

 keeping the power of your message.

dub your videos to boost your youtube channel strategy

Step 6: Copy and Design

Put the creative muscle to work. As mentioned above: simple word to word translations of your video descriptions will usually not get you where you want to go – or at least limit the video’s potential impact. Generating a new copy from scratch and using the right keywords for the target market is absolutely essential for  connecting with your audience, making sure your message is not distorted and maximizing your success.

Copy or copywriting is the process of writing persuasive texts to inspire the audience to take action, usually intended to engage with specific content or buy a product, service, or idea.

The copy extends to many corners of a YouTube channel strategy and is applicable in the video’s description and the videos’ chapters, pinned comment sections, infographics, and thumbnails.

Design is also part of the process; it is essential to redesign your brand’s visuals to adapt them to your new channel. Aspects like your profile picture, thumbnails, and banners may vary in style and design from culture to culture.  

Step 7: Publish

This is about seeing everything in place with a bunch of content prepared in advance and putting things to work. Then repeat the process periodically according to the established marketing plan.

Also, regular evaluation and adjustments are necessary to adapt to ever changing conditions on the market. Like this you ensure your content stays engaging.

Bonus: Marketing Plan

This step should be in the first ones of the list, or at least number two. A marketing plan is enforced for a YouTube Channel about to be localized for a new market and language.  

It is critical to have a complete structure of the content and how, when, and where it will be published and shared. 

 A marketing plan can nurture this YouTube channel strategy.

Apart from the more obvious things like what kind of vocabulary your target audience uses, and what their interests are, even the time of the day when you publish your video can have a big impact.

A/B testing is vital for the marketing strategy too. Testing how audiences react to different thumbnails, titles, and keywords is crucial. 

Data and feedback from the new audience can only be generated when the new market starts interacting with your content. 

Audience Interaction is essential in this operation, so make sure to keep track of community posts, comments and engagement. You are having an extension of your voice in another language to interact with your new locale.

Examples of a Great YouTube Channel Strategy Using Localization

Mr. Beast

One of the most incredible online audiences ever reached in the history of YouTube belongs to Mr. Beast. Regarding subscribers, views, engagement, quality of entertainment, and box office, the 23-year-old Jimmy Donaldson, the creator of the YouTube Channel Mr. Beast, is probably the most successful YouTuber on the planet.

Jimmy started this adventure in 2012 when he was 13 years old, uploading videos to his YouTube channel.

Challenge is a crucial word in Donaldson’s life, as he never gave up on his dream to be successful on YouTube, he even dropped out of college to keep pushing toward his goal, and he made it. 

And that’s what most of his videos are about: challenges; he finally found his niche, a pretty large one.

So, his challenges are famous for giving juicy prizes to the winners; they are amusing and magnificent in production. 

Mr. Beast YouTube Channel has 103 million subscribers, and probably by the time you read this article, he will have more. The impressive thing is that his Spanish channel has over 21 million subscribers and keeps growing. 

This is an enormous achievement considering he just created this channel last year. Video localization and the whole track are absolutely mint.

He is a role model in the localization industry, and that’s what spotless localization can also do for your YouTube channel – explosive success. All you need is the right YouTube channel strategy and the right team of exports on your side.

Marni, Your Personal Wing Girl

Up next is another example of how an ideal YouTube channel strategy employing video localization can boost a YouTube channel’s growth.

Here at InfOhana, we helped Marni Kinrys, a specialist dating coach and author from the United States. Marni was doing great on her YouTube Channel, selling programs and online personal dating advice. 

But she wanted more. Don’t we all?

She wanted to date and conquer the spanish-speaking market. So, she came to us, and here is what happened:

Her flagship YouTube channel, “Marni, Your Personal Wing Girl,” is close to 1M subscribers now; it started in 2007; it’s been quite a long ride but very fruitful. 

She has a beautiful product, helping shy guys get rid of fear and anxiety to finally approach and successfully date women; all this from the female perspective is quite a unique selling point.

So, this was uncharted territory in the Spanish-speaking market. There were no solid competitors for her, most of them were doing Instagram reels, but none had a well planned structure on the appropriate platform. 

Let’s face it; if you succeed on YouTube, you can easily switch to other social media since video content is a priority on those apps.

We created her new channel and localized some of her previous videos and content. We designed a YouTube channel strategy with video localization tailored-made for her.

The results were amazing.

The channel exploded with more than 150K subscribers and 10.5 million views in just five months!

Also, she sold her course more than 600 times. 

And the best part of this YouTube channel strategy is that there was absolutely no extra production cost like filming, scripting, and editing on her behalf. Even her invested effort was minimal as we at InfOhana offer a hands-off solution and you basically watch as work. 

This is what we do, we strive for YOUR success. Because we understand that YOUR success is our success.

Why Today Is the Best Day to Implement this YouTube Channel Strategy

Every day you hesitate to do this step, because you let your fears and doubts get the best of you, you are literally losing money. But not only that: diversifying your sources of income will give you even more security and stability. 

As the famous aviator Amelia Earhart said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” You need to start investing in assets, and localizing your already successful product is almost a guarantee to multiply your income.

Are you interested in expanding your YouTube channel to new countries and languages with minimum effort? We are looking forward to discussing exciting possibilities with you.

Just click the link below, tell us about your channel, and we’ll help you craft a YouTube channel strategy that’ll attarct new subscribers like a magnet from all over the world.

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Don’t let your fears and doubts limit you any longer because remember: “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”


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