Honest Question: Are Your Localized Videos THIS Good?

Impressive, Right?

Well, it Gets Better: Our Clients Get THIS Level Of Video-Localization Quality…

Relying on a SINGLE Point of Contact!

Some of Our Awesome Clients:

What they have to say about working with us:

“It has been a pleasure working with them and I would definitely recommend doing so”.

Team Leader - Mindvalley

“Pedro Adao is over the moon. He’s impressed with the quality of the work. This gave us the momentum that we were looking for”.

Pedro’s Representative - Pedro Adao

They’re super effective. They deliver everything on time. I trust them

Sara Rodriguez
Spanish Project Manager - MindValley

That’s Right…
You Could Be Getting THIS Level Of
“True-Meaning” Translations, Elite Voice Over & Dubbing Talent and World Class Video Work


And experience the same level of service and quality of video localization as our past clients have! 

What a few more of our clients have to say about working with us:

“My experience with them has been the best so far. They’re very committed in delivering high-quality content and flexible on working on our feedback”

Portuguese Project Manager - Mindvalley

“I’m very happy with the results. They were always there to cater to my needs”.

Katia Brambila
Creator Of Sweet Paleo - Sweet Paleo

“Working with InfOhana has enabled me to accelerate my growth".

Ainhoa De Federico
CEO Of Volver A Ver Claro

As you can see, there are two things that we take absolute pride in here at InfOhana:

1. The quality of our video localization
2. The level of service our clients get to enjoy

And experience the same level of service and quality of video localization as our past clients have! 

Here’s How We Make World Class Videos In New Languages For You

And Reduce Your Workload To Simply Sending a SINGLE Short Email!


Email the Links to the Videos You Want 

in Other Languages

That’s it on your side.

Simply email your single point of contact with the links to the videos you want to localize.

And your work is done :)

No more managing 4-6 agencies or freelancers and trying to coordinate dozens of files between all of them.

No more missed deadlines or running after “professionals” who’s best skill is coming up with excuses.

No more wasted hours, stress and headaches.

Simply send one email, and a few days later you’ll receive a spreadsheet with links to WORLD CLASS videos in over 10+ languages, including:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Our Full-Time Native Experts Will LOCALIZE and ADAPT Your Scripts and Texts Using Our 100% Accurate “True-Meaning” Method

Our team of IN-HOUSE native experts will not translate, but LOCALIZE and ADAPT your script with the utmost care, following our “True-Meaning” Method, which has been polished through the years with the goal of delivering perfect translations.

Our team are NOT freelancers, but passionate and dedicated full-time team members.

They DON’T use robots or choppy-translation software.

Quite the contrary…

They go the extra mile to guarantee the most accurate translations for your videos, working as a team to create a glossary, tailored-made for your brand, which guarantees every video accurately expresses your brand’s essence in the new culture.

Tough words are discussed in our slack channels, and they make sure that everything is understood by speakers who live in different countries or regions.

EX: we carefully choose neutral Spanish words that are understood in Spain as well as in all regions of Latin America.

Once the script is done, it’s reviewed by expert human proofreaders TWICE, guaranteeing a flawless localization with ZERO translation, grammar, typos or linguistic mistakes.


We’ll Cast and Manage the PERFECT Voice Talent for Your Videos

After localizing tens of thousands of hours of video for our clients, we’ve developed very solid relationships with hundreds of the most renewed voice-over actors in our industry.

Depending on your brand’s essence and personality, we’ll find the voice actors that match what you need.

We bear in mind:

  • Tone of voice
  • Age
  • Energy
  • Voice Qualities (Clarity, Enunciation, Pacing, etc.

We’ll send you samples from multiple voice-over actors that would be a perfect match for your videos, so you can choose the ones you feel represent your brand best.

These will be your new voice in new markets, so we’ll scour the land for the absolute best talent for you.


We Take Great Work From Our Voice Actors… And Make It PERFECT Through Our Strict Audio QA Process!

We’ll send your chosen voice-actor a perfectly polished script with clear instructions detailing the tone, pauses, emphasis and other specific details required to make your videos sound great.

After receiving the first audio from the voice talent, it goes through our hyper-strict audio quality assurance process.

There, we review the audio thoroughly to make sure that everything is perfect:

  • The language (of course)
  • The intonation
  • The timing
  • The fluency

We’ll ask the talent to re-record the audio and have our audio experts tweak it until it’s impeccable.

And trust me, your audience WILL notice the care that goes into making your video’s audio THIS good!


Our World-Class Graphic Designers and Video Editors Will Craft Your Localized Videos

Our talented graphic designers will duplicate identical versions of all your

  • Captions
  • Animations
  • Texts on screen
  • Visual effects

All perfect in the new language.

Then, our veteran post-production team will craft the final version of your video, with perfect audio and visuals synchronization.

They know they’re in charge of putting the work of dozens of people together in the final asset… and they take GREAT pride in assembling it all with the utmost care.


The Final Round of QA

The project manager in charge of localizing your videos will personally review the final new-language version of your video, GUARANTEEING a flawless delivery.

If they find the smallest mistake, be it in language, voice, visuals or even an uncentered image, they’ll immediately send it back.

Our team will re-render the video as many times as needed until it’s picture-perfect.

The PM’s job is to make sure we’ll never deliver a video until it’s so good you’ll be proud to show it off to your entire team.


We Deliver Perfectly Organized, World Class-Quality Localized Videos Straight Into Your Inbox

Just a Few Days After You Sent A SINGLE EMAIL!

Depending of course on the size of your videos, the process detailed above should take us no more than a few days.

After it’s all done, you’ll get an email with a spreadsheet including your perfectly organized, world class-quality localized videos.

You won’t have to chase anyone.

You won’t have to coordinate multiple files and messages.

You won’t have to duct-tape anyone’s work.

You’ll just send ONE email…wait a few days… and publish your new localized videos FULLY CONFIDENT that they’re absolutely flawless.

And your boss and your audience will be WOWED!

Does this sound amazing or does this sound amazing?

And experience the same level of service and quality of video localization as our past clients have! 

A few of our YouTube clients:

Marni Your Personal Wing Girl 

Mindvalley Español

Caitlin V Esp

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