InfOhana, A Passionate Family With One Goal In Mind:

To Turn Your InfOproduct Into
a Global Success

So You Can 2X Your Yearly Revenue and (more importantly!) Impact Millions of Lives

More Than A Translation Agency: Your All-in-One Business Partner for Multilingual Expansion

We go one step further in our translation approach: we not only translate but LOCALIZE your entire business model so you can reach new audiences in new languages and cultures.

Which means that we’ll handle everything for you, from perfectly accurate translations to customer support and managing affiliate launches…

All under a single roof! 

InfOhana, More than a business partner, a new family

Founded in 2017, InfOhana is a Multilingual Expansion Agency that helps infopreneurs with all of their multilingual expansion meeds-

We bring premium infoProducts closer to people around the world, making them finally available in their own native language. We know for a fact that premium info products are capable of changing lives, and that’s why we take what we do so seriously…

...making your mission OURS!

These allow us to form a true OHANA (family) with our clients, our team members from all around the world.

A Few of The Amazing Companies We’ve Helped Expand to New Languages:

For whom we’ve successfully launched 80+ programs in non-English languages (many sold $1M+)

Our Mission

We're here to make your brand take the global market by storm. This means to double your revenue, halve your CACs, boost your ROAs…

But more importantly, and what really moves us is:

To help you reach millions more lives with your life changing message.

To this day, we’ve translated a wide variety of programs into 6 different languages:


With about 471B native speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin.

And as if it weren’t enough, Spanish is not only the 3rd most used language on social media networks but is considered a Growth Language due to its increase in population, popularity and financial progress.


Although Portuguese may not be in the top 5 most spoken languages in the world, it’s a very receptive market for foreign products and ideas. It’s a culture open to trying new things.
What can be better than that, right?

Well… let me tell you the icing on the cake.


French is amongst the most spoken languages in the world. And it goes without saying that French is not confined only to France. In actuality, the language is spread out across 53 countries around the world.

What’s even better is that Internet usage in France has increased to 84% and 80% of the population shop online.

And, above all, France is Europe’s 3rd market in value (just behind Germany and the UK).


Although having an estimated of 110M native speakers (more or less), German is the #1 language spoken throughout Europe, in addition to being the official language of 6 countries (Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Lichtestein).

On top of all of that, Germany is the 4th richest country in the world.

Additionally, its popularity throughout social media is increasing. In just 1 year (2020-2021), internet usage stood at 94% and the number of social media users increased by 7.7M.


Known as the language of love and spoken as a native language by 63M people around the world. Italian stands as one of the most popular languages to learn.

But not just that, the Italian language also has a strong presence in Germany, USA, Canada and Argentina. This will open the doors for you to enter new markets that you didn’t know even existed.


With an internet penetration rate of 93%, Japan is known to be one of the most technological countries on the entire planet.

Digital services are forecasted to duplicate their yearly sales by 2024 compared to the amount accumulated in 2019, so the chance to jump into that massive growth trend is NOW.

From perfectly accurate translations to world class videos, customer support, affiliates management and localized marketing strategies...

We can take care of all your multilingual expansion needs!

Meet Our Leadership Team:

Mario Torres


His passion and experience in the realm of business, marketing and sales led him to create InfOhana. As founder, he not only leads the strategic relationships with our clients by coordinating, establishing and developing these connections, but he also provides leadership and mentorship to his entire team.

Jimena Rodríguez

Head of the Languages Division

Jimena Rodríguez has a wealth of experience managing teams and large-scale projects. She also has developed skills to optimize the operational part of the business. That’s why she coordinates and trains our Spanish team. Her main focus is strengthening our client relationships.

Adriana Tornar

Head of Expansion

Adriana Tornar is an example of how internal growth and development is encouraged at InfOhana. With a background in Project and Team Management and translation, and also as prior Head of our French and German Division, she focuses on international strategies for our clients in order to best serve them.

Silvia Ortega

Head of Client Accounts and Legal Advisor

With almost 10 years of experience on the legal side (mainly managing and creating contracts), she’s the person who manages and collaborates with the Spanish team so as to ensure its optimum operation performance. However, her main focus is to reinforce our relationship with our clients by handling the legal components (mainly the creation and negotiation of contracts).

Isabel Durán 

Creative Director

She is an ambitious creative designer. Isabel and her team find joy in generating compelling digital content that speaks directly to different markets and to our InfOhana clients.

From graphics, content, videography and all other aspects that compose a brand’s visual identity, she’s the one who ensures complete cohesiveness between the original source and its new target language.

Sam Ocean

Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Support

Back in 2014, Sam got his start as a customer support rep at Mindvalley. That’s when he became obsessed with marketing. Since then, he’s worked as a copywriter, CMO, and an offer owner for legendary brands like Jay Abraham, T Harv Eker, Charisma On Command, London Real, Todd Brown, Dr. Jeff Spencer, and many more. Whether it’s scaling a frontend offer on cold traffic, selling $25K+ packages to existing customers, or even getting customers to stick around forever, Sam has a strategy for it all.

Diogo Leite

Head of Talent Acquisition and Operations

Diogo Leite has always been on the operation side of business, helping it expand and grow. He’s in charge of acquiring the right talent, as well as having the right systems and operations in place. His main focus has been analysing and optimizing systems and projects to produce greater efficiency,workflow productivity and project output. 

Yadira Barbosa

Marketing Director

Yadira Barbosa has more than 16 years of experience in Internet and Direct Marketing. She’s the only woman in the Spanish niche to have won the 2 Comma Club Award by Clickfunnels. Her background allows her to optimize and generate funnel strategies for our clients.

Iván Moguel

Copywriting Director

Ivan Moguel’s passion for words led him to the realm of copywriting. His experience as a copywriter has allowed him to pair the work of our clients with their target audience’s needs and desires, so businesses’ marketing efforts are more effective.

Portraying info products under the best possible light through laser-targeted copywriting is his mission.

Carlos Torres

Chief Financial Officer

Having more than 20 years of experience in the areas of administration and financial management. Carlos Torres has helped a number of businesses grow by catering their needs. Reason why he has handled a multitude of projects in which he was able to contribute greatly to the success of each.




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