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At InfOhana, we’re passionate about creating and sharing cutting-edge ideas that transcend our present to establish better alternatives for the future so we can successfully face our ever-changing world.

That’s why we bring together the top experts from different disciplines to help our clients connect with the world.

Which is why we’re looking for team members who are constantly seeking career growth and personal improvement. People who are open to learn and share new concepts, different ways of living and more evolved outlooks on life.

All under the premise of having the freedom to choose their own agenda and working schedules, from anywhere in the world.

Our Team

Where We’re Going

We Plan To Take People Around The World To New Heights By Transforming Their Lives And Collaborating With Top Experts:

We live in the Internet and Information era. Now more than ever we use the internet to not only entertain ourselves but to educate ourselves. With this new way of learning, at InfOhana we realized the need to bring unconventional knowledge to the world. Knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else but from the people who create it.

That’s why, we take the top notch experts in different areas and bring them closer to other cultures and languages, so everyone around the world can have the opportunity to transform and take their lives to higher levels of success, consciousness and learning.

The Top Translation And Localization Agency For Businesses With Infoproducts That Want To Expand Globally:

We understand how fierce and competitive the business world is. Especially during this era of information.

That’s why we specialize in helping businesses with infoproducts reach new markets, so they cannot only expand into untapped niches, but generate bigger profits and be ahead of its competition.

For InfOhana, our clients’ success is essential. That’s why to this day, we’ve successfully localized over 80 programs for our clients using Multilingual Expansion.

What our people say about working with InfOhana:

Pilar Camacho Sevilla, Project Manager and Proofreader

The greatest thing of being a part of this incredible “Ohana” is not only the fact that we, indeed, are family; but, that we take it a step further. In fact… we become “Ohana” with our clients.

We create bonds that remain even after the project is finished. And the things we learn from each other build the base for unstoppable growth for both of us.

This has allowed me to live the greatest adventure of my life. I can learn, I can teach and I can share my knowledge while absorbing the expertise others have to share. 

Maylis Jorand, French Translator

At InfOhana I have found a unique and great work environment where I feel encouraged to grow not only as a professional but also as a human being.

I love the vibe, the flexibility and the professionalism. It suits all my needs (practical and aspirational) and connects me with like-minded people that are part of this family!

I am very excited for the years to come and the potential to become a better me.

Stephania Contreras Guadarrama, HR Associate.

For me working at InfOhana means “growth”. Everyday, when I work, I connect with people around the world who make me appreciate the diversity we have, inspire me to be better, to learn new things and to be open minded. Always searching for a better way to do things.

Chloé Pontreau, Workspace Admin

I love being part of Infohana.

It’s such a pleasure everyday to wake up and start my day, knowing that I’ll be digitally surrounded by so many talented people from all over the world.
Even though I work remotely, I don’t feel alone. Infohana provided me with a real family where laughter and good jokes are always welcomed.
This doesn’t mean that protocol and professionalism are forgotten!

As a team, we spare no effort and go the extra mile to send the best possible quality work to our clients. My colleagues’ dedication and willingness is amazing.

Whatever question or doubt I have, I know it will be solved after a couple of minutes thanks to everyone's willingness to help. I’ve been here for almost 2 years now and I hope it’s only the very beginning!

Many more exciting things are to come and I wanna be the first to see and enjoy them!

Karla CG, Proofreader.

I feel very happy and valued, like my voice and ideas actually matter to the company. It has been such a positive experience.

Ana Sofía Márquez Valencia, Translator

For me, working at InfOhana means being in constant change. I'm ALWAYS learning new and valuable things that will absolutely stay with me for the rest of my life. Working here means having the desire to improve both professionally and personally to become a more reliable colleague and a better person

Freedom To Work, Live and Enjoy Wherever You’re At... We’re Looking For You!

  • Native English Translators.
  • French Translators.
  • German Translators.
  • Italian Translators.
  • Portuguese Translators.
  • Spanish Translators.
  • English Proofreader.
  • French Proofreader.
  • German Proofreader.
  • Italian Proofreader.
  • Portuguese Proofreader.
  • Spanish Proofreader.
Special Positions
  • Video Editor.
  • Designer.
  • Marketer.
  • Copywriter.