February 26


7 Mistakes That Are Costing Millions to Your Info Product Business

By Roberto Reyes

February 26, 2022

Horror entertainment advertisements can be fun to watch, but horror business communication will never make an infopreneur laugh…

Today, we have many tools that help us create a successful info product business: From A/B testing to chatbots.

But… Did you know that these technologies can backfire at you? Especially when you are moving to new markets?

That ‘s right.

Even though technology can do marvelous things, there are times when you can’t trust it.

Those times are mostly related to the customer experience.

A successful infopreneur differs from an average one by knowing when to and when not to rely on technology as a replacement of culturally appropriate human interaction.

When your entire presence is digital, a bonding marketing strategy can not only connect you with new customers all over the globe, but convert the current ones into loyal fans of your brand.

However, while doing research, we’ve found 7 hard facts that may put your business at risk that shows us that unfortunately today’s infopreneurs commonly prefer taking the short way.

7 Mistakes that are costing millions to your info product business and don’t let you be successful

1. Automate human communication

Robots won't help you with your customer's interactions

“Since 2020, customers manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human.”

As this stat shows, customers are losing more and more contact with brands. And while this may seem something good for business owners because that way they can optimize their processes and save time…

The truth is that customers prefer more humanized brands.

Investing in that warm human experience for each of your customers will make it easier for them to make that final choice letting you keep on increasing your amount of clients…

And building a successful business.

Implement strategies with the proper analysis

2. Develop new strategies without a constant analysis

“Less than 1/3 of email marketing companies regularly test their email campaigns.”

In marketing, mistakes are expensive, but what’s more expensive is to keep on making them due to a lack of analysis in each step you take.

And this will not only help you realize if it was an effective strategy for your brand or not, but by analyzing the whole process you’ll get an idea of the areas you need to eliminate, change or even improve, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

3. Give the next step without a plan

You need a plan in your info product business

“Only 35% of marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.”

While amateur marketers will think of acting without planning as innovative, adventurous and creative…

Experts know that behind every successful result, there is a strategic plan.

Making decisions and acting consciously can be the difference between launching a successful campaign or making a mediocre one.

This will let you have everything covered, and even if plan A does not work as you had thought it would, you can execute plan B, C, D…

Nurture your marketing leads in your info product business

4. Not nurturing their marketing leads

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the main cause.”

Leaving a big amount of your responsibilities to technology may not be that much time consuming, but… Can you imagine investing a lot of money and still only be able to sell around 21% of your marketing leads?

A constant and accurate interaction with your customers can be more time-consuming, yes, but we assure you this will also bring more effective results.

5. Wrong customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

58% of marketers are challenged with targeting or segmenting their audience.”

It’s not a mystery that segmentation or targeting are essential for the success of a new marketing campaign. 

Yet, many marketers struggle with this.

Because of that, they choose the shorter path, pick up one segmentation and invest a lot of money on Facebook Ads without ever changing anything again…

Leaving lots of money on the table.

With the data advertising platforms give you, marketers should do a lot of testing in order to find out the right segmentation.

Lack of quality content in your info product business

6. Lack of quality content and sources of validation

“Only 12% of marketers make publishing research and perspectives the main focus of their content marketing, And 0% said they engage external experts to validate those ideas.”

Your info product may be the same here or on the other side of the world, but the way you communicate with each of your targets must be tailored and adapted depending on the culture.

That’s why always knowing your customers will give you a more detailed idea of:

  • Which channel to use
  • The issues your offer will  solve
  • An ideal copy to connect
  • The schedule in which they’ll be more aware of the content
  • And more

7. Bad understanding/lack of data customer information

Lack of customer information

57% of marketers are challenged with optimizing next-best-action marketing decisions”

Technology gives us a lot of data that allows us to make better decisions. Yet, as we see in this statistic, more than half of the marketers don’t take this advantage.

With a next-best-action approach, you can…

  • Boost your conversions
  • Avoid wastes of time
  • Grow your info product business faster

But even if you take this practice and implement it in your business, there will be a time when you hit a dead end and won’t be able to expand anymore.

When you reach that point… What can you do?

Move to non-English markets.

Reaching new languages in an organic way allows you to create real human interactions at a local level, making your brand recognizable all over the world.

This is the path to become one of the giants in your industry and build a digital empire many infopreneurs only dream of.

Expanding your horizon will let you reduce your advertisement costs, have less competition and increase your sales.

You need to enter multilingual markets like…

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Or the one that relates the most with your brand’s essence.

Remember that new languages are to online businesses what expanding to new countries are to brick and mortar shops.

How can you avoid these 7 mistakes that may put your info product business at risk when expanding to untapped markets?

The InfOhana

Becoming a multinational success is not an easy task.

You require a team of high-qualified experts with the knowledge of each culture to develop effective strategies, not a bunch of freelancers. On the contrary, you may end up hurting your brand’s image around the globe…

With disastrous consequences.

The InfOhana agency is the only integrated work team with all the necessary departments to identify the best strategy to connect your info product with your target market.

A partner with feet on the ground that will not only localize your content with PERFECT translation, voice over, video and graphics…

But will take care of everything else that you need to sell and deliver your programs in new languages, creating true bonds with your customers and giving a customized human-to-human experience.

This is what we do:

  • Localizing marketing strategies 
  • Customer support
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Media buying
  • Partnerships with local payment platforms 
  • And even coordinating affiliate launches for the right partners

All while taking care of your brand’s reputation all over the world.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this opportunity, don’t hesitate to schedule an exploratory call.

We’ll diagnose the best option for your brand and turn a 20+ hours research into a single 30 min call with no strings attached.


But you must be quick.

If you’re really interested in multilingual expansion, it’s better for you to book a call soon.

Right now we’re working with companies like Mindvalley and DigitalMarketer, which are requesting us to localize many of their programs.

Just in 2021, we localized 44 programs for Mindvalley, so we had  to turn down many other offers.

Now we’ve expanded and we’re ready to help you reach untapped markets, but we don’t know for how long

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