February 11


When New Strategies Feel Like you are playing Russian Roulette… Localization Becomes a Trustworthy Marketing Strategy

By Roberto Reyes

February 11, 2022

For Infopreneurs, innovation is a constant that should be applied from your product to your marketing strategies.

Although deciding what to do can feel as if you were constantly playing ‘The Russian Roulette’ even if you have data to back up your actions.

The perfect strategy is often built on trial and error.

And let’s be honest… Nobody likes the error part.

Luckily for all marketers, there’s one safe path that has the potential to increase the audience that gets exposed to your offer.

We’re talking about localization

But be careful, because even with this strategy, if it’s not executed correctly, it can lead to negative consequences for your brand. Like:

  • A significant decline in sales
  • Cultural offenses
  • Bad impressions at international level

In order to accurately make it a safe and efficient strategy for your brand, it’s important to really put yourself in your customer’s shoes, considering everything about your target…

And although creating an avatar with all your customer’s information may normally work…

When developing a localization strategy, analyzing your customer’s behavior is just the first step you must work on to maintain the brand’s essence.

Just so you get an idea, let me tell you about a simple fact you must consider: Time.

That’s right, sending the ‘Good morning Newsletter’ in Mexico, where the average of people wakes up at 8 won’t work the same way in Japan, where the average of people wake up at 7.

Of course there’s more to consider, like the schedule variations in each country…

The point here is that even choosing the right time to send that message is key, A Keenfolfks study shows that 51% of users have purchased from a company other than the one they originally intended to because of the information provided at the moment they needed it.

Can you imagine not being able to close the deal just because your competitor woke up earlier to send that email?

Happy customer

This is just one of the many details that this strategy does not overlook.

And if the reason you won’t give it a shot is that right now you’ve been stable with your current strategies, let me tell you that…

Even the best infopreneurs, sooner or later, reach a point where sales hit a plateau.

And they aren’t able to keep growing no matter what they do.

But here is the good news: Localization is a strategy that can be added to the mix. The best part? It does not interfere with what you’re already doing.

There’s no need to feel that stress over choosing ‘one or the other’ .

The localization strategy will help you adapt to different markets but will also fuse with your current strategies.

  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • Blogs
  • Web Page
  • Social Media Ads
  • Videos
  • Organic posts
  • SEO
  • And many, many others

Adding the localization step to each of your strategies will make them stronger and more trustworthy, leading you to increase your annual revenue

But there’s one problem…

Nowadays 51% of companies use at least eight channels to interact with customers.

Person planning a localization strategy

But if managing one platform at a time can be time-consuming…

Can you imagine managing 8 different platforms?

Or even worse, analysing which channels, words, offers, design, schedule or strategies are best for those new markets?

The InfOhana family knows your brand should not:

  • Get stuck with a single audience
  • Risk your whole business when choosing a different strategy
  • Or spend hour and hours on creating an efficient one

That’s why our team of experts is ready to help you not only adapt your texts and
scripts to new cultures with our “True-Meaning”, 100% accurate translations method,
but we also take care of:

  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Subtitling and managing voice actors
  • Media buying (or consulting for your team)
  • Social media content and management
  • Customer support
  • Email Marketing
  • And even coordinating affiliate launches for the right partners

We’re the only ones to do all this under a single roof, so you don’t have to waste time with freelancers who don’t look after your brand or can’t’ properly manage the localization process.

Your mission will also become our mission.

Just click the link to get in touch with one of our experts to analyze what the best strategy for you will be.

The best part?

It’s completely free.


If you’re considering multilingual expansion, we recommend you to book a call with our team now.

Companies like Mindvalley and DigitalMarketer are already working with us and, even though we’re growing constantly, we won’t be able to help more companies in the future.

In 2021 only we localized 44 programs for Mindvalley, which kept us from working with many brands.

Now we’re available, but maybe not for too long.

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