March 28


The 2022 Marketing Levers Than Can Quadruple Your Yearly Sales

By Roberto Reyes

March 28, 2022

Hey, Infopreneur…

What all we business owners have in mind is to crush it in the first quarter of 2022 and set the most effective strategies for the rest of the year. 

To achieve that, we want to get the latest strategies coming from the top global marketers, in order to jump in time to those trends that are generating the best conversions before they fade. 

And that’s precisely what I wanted to share with you today. 

I recently watched THIS VIDEO by Rich Schefren –The authority  that the top marketing gurus go to for advice to- He has been coaching people like Ryan Diess from DigitalMarketer and helping entrepreneurs scale their business to the 7-8 figure mark…

Long story short, when it comes to coaching marketing and business strategy, you can’t climb any higher up the ladder. 

And what he talks about in this video, is the real marketing secret no one is aware of… MARKETING LEVERS

What exactly are marketing levers?

what are marketing levers

As the name suggests, marketing levers are those techniques and strategies that allow businesses to lift a heavier weight with less effortIn marketing terms, it means to generate the best conversions and boost sales without spending an arm and a leg.

We can call them marketing trends, but marketing levers go beyond that. Because by the time something is recognized as a trend, it is probably because it is already dying out and too late to implement in your marketing strategy.

That doesn’t mean “jumping into a trend” can not be profitable for your business…

However, by the time it’s already “trendy” the results won’t be as effective as if you would have implemented that strategy sooner. 

It’s always been that way. 

People, consciously or unconsciously, get bored of the things they’ve been exposed to constantly… Losing the hype and the sense of novelty and making them less eager to buy. That “I’ve seen this before” sentiment that no business wants their offer to fall into. 

In other words, marketing levers are the trends in their early stage

The time when they were barely being explored. When their potential was limitless. When people were wowed by them. When they performed their absolute best.  

I hope the concept is not as abstract anymore… But to get the bigger picture of how marketing levers work, let’s check some key points:


What exactly MAKES marketing levers?

1. Marketing levers have a life cycle:

As implied earlier. Just like anything in marketing, techniques and strategies die out overtime. Let’s put Facebook ads as an example.

Facebook ads meant a revolution for digital marketing. For new digital marketers, setting ads on Facebook seemed to be the only thing that mattered for their strategies.

However, the results we’re seeing right now are far from what they used to be. The company policies make it harder and harder to have a good performing ad, whereas the CTRs are decreasing and pricing is on the rise.

The fact that conversions are lower than they used to be means that Facebook ads, as a lever, are dying out.

Does that mean you should quit Facebook ads altogether?

Not really. Most people are still on Facebook, so it is still a profitable platform. What you have to take into consideration is that, as a lever on the end of its life cycle, you have to put in more resources and expect less impactful results.

2. The key to a great lever is that it brings something new at the right time:

Timing is the most important element to marketing levers.

Zoom is a great example of this. In 2020, Zoom’s sales increased more than 300% compared to 2019 thanks to the pandemic.

Did Zoom really bring something new to the table? Not quite

Long time Skype users would argue that Skype is a more complete platform, and it existed way before.

However, Zoom brought a very user friendly conferencing platform that was EXACTLY what people needed during the lockdown. From families and friends, to schools and businesses…

Zoom was the right offer at the right time. Not something revolutionary or mind blowing. Just a perfect fit. 

3. Marketing levers are hidden in plain sight:

Again, levers are not about reinventing the wheel.

More often than not, the right lever for your business is lying there waiting for you to take advantage of it before it’s too late.

It’s easy to think that new technologies are levers… and they could be. But a lot of new technologies are bound to fail.

You’re not here to get new programs, platforms or techniques just because they’re new. You’re looking for results.

On the other hand, there might be levers that have been there, unexploited for ages (and by ages I mean some years, but that’s how ephemeral marketing can be).

For example, if a lever is already working or even dying out in another market, it might be the right chance for you to implement it in YOUR niche…

If the markets are different enough, that can be a killer strategy that not only allows you to boost your sales with less effort… but also use the experience from other markets and apply it to your project.

4. To recognize a lever, you have to know what you’re looking for:

As mentioned, levers are out there waiting to be exploited… But you won’t be able to find them if you don’t really know what you’re looking for.

And as people that are involved in marketing, it’s easy for us to ignore the elephant in the room because we’re looking for the knitty gritty novelty strategies to grow our business.

But as people involved in marketing we have a huge advantage. We don’t get impressed so easily.

So whenever you’re browsing around and you find yourself clicking somewhere when you normally don’t, or you find a marketing piece that makes you stop for a couple of seconds…

There might be a lever there, or at least a piece that connects into one, and it is your job to find out exactly what it is that called your attention. 

I think the concept is pretty clear now, but there’s no better way to understand something than by using examples, so we’ll set some…

And what’s more important (and what you’re here for), find the right levers to make your business soar this year. 

The 7 marketing levers that crushed the market

7 marketing levers

1. Free Value Content

Delivering value for free is currently a staple for content marketing. You can’t really expect to create true bonds with your customers if you don’t give them something valuable in return…

But it wasn’t like that back in the day.

Running ads with promos and flashy copy used to be the go-to for all promotional content. Which in the long-run can create a consistent flow of new customers, but very few recurring ones.

It’s curious how something that we now see as normal, even mandatory, was a lever at its time. 


Human beings tend to be visual individuals, and the attention span is usually very short. 

By simply substituting a long sales letter and putting it into a video format, results soared for multiple companies when VSL’s just started out… Some of them even registered quadruple their sales thanks to this format. 

And we go back to the same point…

If you run a VSL instead of your regular text-based sales letter, your performance is likely to be better… But as VSL’s are an outdated lever, you won’t get the same results you might have had when they were at their prime. 

3. Automated webinars 

Automated webinars was one of the most powerful marketing levers. They are still running, some of them performing very well, but they’re far from their golden days. 

The concept of giving a substantial lesson in order to hook your audience and later do an up sell to get “the whole deal” is simply genius. And the fact it runs on its own without the need of someone to go live on those webinars, made it even better…

But people started to feel that automatization was generic and empty, so they are no longer the best performing marketing technique. 

4. Live streams

Here’s the other side of the spectrum. Instead of automating a video that plays on its own, you have a piece of information that’s valuable for you… Happening there, at the moment.

If you miss it, it’s gone for good.

Live streams were also a very popular lever… But having everyone doing them at the same time, time zone and schedule issues and lack of interaction saw the end of them pretty quickly. 

5. YouTube Ads

Now we’re going into something we can still consider a current lever.

We mentioned earlier how complicated Facebook ads are turning. And we also mentioned how people tend to prefer video over just images and text.

YouTube is a great alternative to showcase incredible videos that, in the shortest format possible, portray your business’ value and offer. 

Yes, people tend to find YouTube ads annoying as they interrupt the videos they’re watching, but if your content is properly targeted and something they haven’t seen before, they can be a very powerful hook.

However, you have to be VERY careful. A dull video that’s not flawlessly produced, an offer or format they’ve seen already or a mistargeted ad can create a huge backlash against your company. 

6. Alternative social media platforms

These could still be a good marketing lever to jump into if you know how to do it. 

You have Twitter, for example, which has existed forever but the platform has been very careful not to turn it into an overly commercial space filled with ads. 

However, opinions and value content can be a great way to interact with your audience through Twitter, without even spending a dime on ads.  However, you can’t expect fast and explosive growth on Twitter.

Where you can expect explosive growth is TikTok. But it has to be done right.

It has to be trendy, yet professional, attention grabbing and really inciting to take action. The issue with TikTok is that its demographic is very limited. Although more and more people are joining every day, most of them are of a younger demographic…

So if young people are not your target market, you don’t really have much to do over on TikTok.

7. AI

Predicting customer behavior through AI is the future. 

Even Rich Schefren himself is developing his own software, IGGI, which helps detect consumers’ patterns… And with a human mind behind: crafting marketing strategies based on it.

So no, AI is not substituting digital marketers, but helping them detect levers before anyone else, which is genius.

The problem? 

We’ve been saying it’s very common to use levers when it’s already too late, but you can also learn to identify them soon. 

Currently, there are no “ready-to-go” AI platforms that you can use to enhance your marketing strategies. You can probably invest in developing technologies and hope they work in some years, but that is for sure a risky and slow move to make. 

So now you’ve seen some examples and you might adapt one or two of these for your strategy this year but…

The biggest question hasn’t been answered…

Which is the best lever to use in 2022?

How to prepare your marketing for 2022   From all the marketing levers we just mentioned, there’s one that can increase your business revenue with minimal effort.

Is called…


Which means that, more than translating your info products into different languages, you will be adapting your content, marketing, launch strategy, visuals, etc. to make it culturally appropriate to launch in multilingual markets. 

Now, you might be thinking… “My product is already global, I generate sales all over the world”. 

Please take into consideration that less than 5% of the world’s population are native English speakers and that 76% of consumers prefer to buy products with information in their language.

So the fact that your info products are globally available, doesn’t mean they are globally desired

Exploring untapped markets is the revival of the golden age of info products. It’s like having all of the potential of a brand new market, with all of your background and existing products already available. 

Imagine how things would’ve been 5 or 10 years ago if you had such a shortcut for your business?

Now, how powerful can localization be? 

Currently, non-English markets make about 50% of the yearly revenue of info product giant Mindvalley.

And what’s even better: Non-English markets have not been as exposed to all sorts of marketing strategies as the English market has been…

Meaning that outdated levers that no longer work for English-speakers can still be an incredible source of revenue in non-English markets. 

Doesn’t that sound like the right lever to expand your business to a real global scale and make 2022 the best year for your business?

Now, by definition, levers should not only imply great results… but they have to generate these outstanding numbers with the least amount of effort involved…

And localizing info products is not an easy task. 

It involves: 

  • A team of native translators
  • Local marketers that know the language’s market behavior and create strategies accordingly
  • Media buyers
  • Customer Support
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic designers
  • Video and audio editors
  • Voice actors
  • Subbing and dubbing experts
  • Local affiliate marketers and launch agencies
  • And much more in order to really convey your brand’s voice in other languages…

Hiring such a diverse team and coordinating their assets that aren’t even in English is close to impossible… but the best part of this is that you don’t have to do it. InfOhana We created InfOhana with one purpose: 

Being the one-and-done solution for infopreneurs to launch and scale their business in non-English markets

So everything, from: 

  • Content localization
  • Video creation and edition
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing 
  • Customer support
  • Launch strategies
  • Data analysis and A/B testing

And everything you need to explore, launch and grow in other languages, is all under a single roof… So you don’t need to lift a finger.  Would you like to know which would be the best language to expand your info products to  and which would be your expected results? 

Let’s jump into a free exploratory call and dive into the potential of your business in non-English markets.

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May 2022 be your best year so far!

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