January 26


The 7 Steps to Launch Your Info Product in a New Language

By Roberto Reyes

January 26, 2022

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When creating our content we can take a lot of time writing, editing or designing to finally believe we’re done with another successful info product campaign.

But let me ask you something… 

It simply doesn’t matter how many:

  • Different angles you take 
  • Creative ideas you come up with 
  • Or new offers you promote

No strategy helps you to improve your sales significantly?

Do you feel like you were hitting a glass ceiling over and over again?

There’s a certain time where we all hit a plateau and struggle to find more customers. But imagine being able to have the chance to reach untapped markets… with all the background you’ve got over the years.

How exactly?


What’s localization?

Localization is about taking your brand to new languages, allowing you to crush it in untapped, unexploited markets.

By bringing your brand around the world…

  • Your enterprise will become multinational.
  • You’ll get the chance to make a bigger impact and improve more people’s lives.
  • And, ultimately, make more money than the people who are only selling their products on the English market.

But when you start a localization process, you’re going to face new challenges…

That’s why to help you be prepared to enter a non-English market, we’ve thought of the stages you should take to make the most of it.

Because sharing your message with your audience takes more than pressing one button and using Google translator, it’s important to consider these 7 different steps.

Follow these steps and you’ll launch your info product in a new language successfully.

To launch your info product in a new language, first, you need to choose which info product you’d like to promote.

The good thing about launching an info product in a non-English market is that you don’t need to create a brand-new product. You just have to pick up the one you’ve already created.

Once you know which info product you’re going to launch, it’s time to localize it. 

This means…

  • Dubbing and subtitling all your videos with native expressions to make your product feel local.
  • Promoting it by employing marketing strategies culturally adapted, so your brand’s image is seen in a positive light.
  • Preparing mind-blowing content that actually generates engagement and builds strong communities among all the non-English markets.
info product business model

2. Choose the right platforms for each market to publish your content

The next step is to choose the right platforms on which you’ll publish your content.

Maybe your ideal client spends most of his time on Facebook, and chances are that this will also be true for people who belong to other markets like the Spanish or the Italian.

But not necessarily.

Maybe in countries like Mexico or Colombia, your ideal client uses Instagram more than Facebook. And if you accidentally started to publish your content on Facebook, then you’d be delaying your growth.

So, research and find out which platforms your non-English audience spends their time in:





-Tik Tok

And once you’ve chosen your platform, create a schedule for your content.

You want to publish your content where your audience is most active — considering the most popular days and hours. Not at 3:00 a.m. when everyone is sleeping.

That’ll practically kill your content.

If you execute this step right, you’ll achieve your goals faster and on a lower budget.

3. Create a timeline to launch your info product in a new language

what is an info product

Being organized is a must whenever launching a new product.

Usually, when you are preparing to launch a campaign, sharing content on several  platforms, paid and organic, will create better results by letting your potential customer be more familiar with your brand.

So having everything prepared, copy, post, payment, hashtags on the correct platforms will save you from stress-inducing situations.

That’s why creating a timeline, checklist or calendar with the days and the schedule is a tool that we recommend you to use. This will accurately help you engage with your audience.

create info product

4. Analyze your KPI’s and A/B testing

Your Key Performance Indicators will help you turn each customer experience
into a quantifiable measure to actually understand how your campaign
is developing.

This makes it easier for you and your team to find out what needs to be tweaked and what is successfully achieving your objectives.

That’s why having a good tool for measuring each of them will guide your campaign down the right path.

Also, once you’ve identified your weaknesses, you can implement A/B testing which is a marketing strategy that compares 2 ads, landing pages, sales pages, etc. almost the same content, only with slight variations.

These 2 pieces are shared and analysed to determine which one has a higher conversion rate, so make sure to use it and find out which are the winning combos to keep  for the rest of your campaigns.

5. Know how to interact with your locale

info product

Of course, before sharing your content you need to know how to use the platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the website or whatever you chose.

If you’ve decided to invest money on ads, know how to pay for it, how to interact with other users/customers, solve questions, or even know what’s trending to create more powerful content that goes with that platform.

Each of the platforms has a learning curve, but knowing how they work before the launching starts will let you create a more powerful and efficient campaign.

But what’s most important is knowing how THAT PARTICULAR MARKET interacts. Cultural differences matter, so you not only have to get someone on board who can speak the language but knows the knitty-gritty details of that culture.

info product

6. Choose the right affiliates to partner with

We all know that in affiliate marketing it’s important to spread the word about your brand faster and earn more sales.

And according to Unicode, at least 16% of online orders come from affiliate marketing. Although this number may seem small, it’s quite substantial if you take into account that 20% of online orders come from paid advertising.

But when you launch an affiliate program in a new and untapped market, you have to select the right platforms and the right partner. Platforms like ClickBank or ShareASale are not as common in non-English markets as they are in the USA.

You need to choose local platforms. Otherwise, not too many people will promote your products.

Also, if you choose the wrong partner, he may ask for a high percentage of every sale you make.

7. Customer support

info product translation services

What’s the difference between an excellent launch and an average one?

Going above and beyond to create a great experience for your customers

And offering customer support is a way to improve it.

Clearing all doubts, maintaining communication with each of your customers, and making it as smooth as possible, will not only create a good image for your whole brand around the world, but it will also create loyal customers.

Is there an easier way to launch your info product in a new language?

 launch your info product in a new language

We know this sounds like a time-consuming process, to learn or even to explain to different freelancers or ‘professionals’ that are not really that into your brand’s essence…

That’s why InfOhana has the right team to help you start from scratch.

We’re ready for not only adapting your texts and scripts to new cultures with our “True-Meaning”, 100% accurate translations method but taking care of:

  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Subtitling and managing voice actors
  • Media buying (or consulting for your team)
  • Social media content and management
  • Customer support
  • Email Marketing
  • And even coordinating affiliate launches for the right partners.

Increasing your revenue thanks to the much lower affiliate commissions in the non-English markets — with no need to give up to 80% of your sales.

Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

If you want to launch your info product in a new language, with a trustworthy team by your side that covers everything from beginning to end all under the same roof…

Just click the link below to schedule a free 30-minute call to see if your brand is ready for multilingual expansion and crush it in new markets.

But be quick. Since we’re working with big brands like Mindvalley or DigitalMarketer, soon we’ll get our hands full and won’t be able to accept more clients.

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