March 8


3 Hollywood Strategies to Double the Sales of Your Inforoducts

By Roberto Reyes

March 8, 2022

Do you know what is the reason behind Hollywood and the movie industry’s success?

The reason is that big productions are seen in different languages all over the world.

Let’s take one of the most known movies in recent times as an example: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home made about 1.5 billion dollars at the box-office…

But only 668 million were made in the USA —which is approximately 43% of all the revenue. 

The rest was made in other countries like Mexico, China, Spain, Italy…

And that’s how Hollywood generates so much money: By localizing their movies in different places around the globe with high-quality dubbing and subtitling, employing regional expressions their audience love.

Because if they only had to rely on English… They wouldn’t make as much money as they do.

But here’s the good part…

You can recreate these Hollywood strategies for your business and localize your info products to other markets

Allowing you to profit from niches that none of your competitors have discovered.

Can you imagine taking your business to every country? Crushing it on new markets while your competition still struggles fighting against each other?

And I know that you may be thinking that trusting English ‘The most spoken language around the world’ can be the easiest solution to increase your sales, but let me tell you that even among people with high proficiency in English, 65% prefer content in their native language.

So yes, a localization strategy is a step that always works. 

It gives you the possibility to share, inform or offer something to more potential customers that may be interested in your product, boosting your revenue up to a level that’s impossible to reach by relying on English-speaking markets.

Now, the secret to create a successful translation localization strategy is…

Making your product feel local.

If you were about to open google translator to get the ‘right content’ for multiple new non-English markets, let us do you a favor and stop you right there.

To explain why google translator isn’t a possibility, let’s go back to the movie industry. 

Think about the last horrible dubbing you heard (because, unfortunately, we’ve all heard one before).

  • Did you feel the voice tone shared the right emotions?
  • Was the voice sync with the lips?
  • Did it make you want to stop watching after only 5 minutes?

That’s exactly what we want to avoid for your Info product.

Trusting Google translator or even translators that are not native speakers can create something worse than a simple mistake, but… 

An expensive cultural misunderstanding.

Besides the fact that this is only the first step of a bigger strategy…

To help you not to overlook anything, we are going to mention 3 Hollywood strategies that almost all infopreneurs forget when localizing their products.

3 Hollywood strategies that almost all infopreneurs forget when localizing a product

1. Subtitling and Dubbing

Subtitling and dubbing is one Hollywood strategy

When choosing an engagement and entertainment channel to advertise your content, the audios and videos are something that never fails to capture your customers attention.

But remember that finding the right voice actors is the difference between an average ad and one that makes the cash register ring.

So before sharing an accurate version of your message, you must consider details like:

  • The right tone
  • Good accent
  • Local expressions

2. Design


Even though most translators focus all their attention on words, there are other elements that must be adapted to give the right strength and direction to the message in each market.

One of these elements are the colors.

Despite the fact that colors look the same, they can mean different things.

For example, in China, red represents happiness, good fortune, luck, and prosperity. Meanwhile in South Africa it is associated with mourning.

But besides this, there are structured situations that will change, like reconsidering the space each word will occupy since the size of the words may increase or decrease.

A good example of this is how italian can expand even 300% its size from a single world like: views to visualizzazioni.

That’s why having a good eye to maintain the neatness of each design is so important to apply these Hollywood strategies.

3. Customer service

Customer service

This step is the key for turning those one-time customers into…

Loyal, raving fans who buy every product you put on the market.

Because improving the localized experience (even after the order is already completed) makes each customer feel safe and understood, so they are more likely to come back and trust your business for future purchases.

But how does Hollywood apply customer service?

Listening to its audience and giving them what they want. Big franchises have been built this way:

  • Marvel
  • Star wars
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Harry Potter
  • Fast & Furious

And when Hollywood doesn’t listen to its public…

Things end bad.

You need to make the customer service a customized experience. 

It should not only make the customer feel like he’s interacting with an actual human instead of only a business…

But also, being able to communicate in their own language.

After telling you about these Hollywood strategies most infopreneurs never contemplate when expanding their brand to non-English markets, you probably think that localization is a problematic process…

And it is.

That’s why the InfOhana team wants to be part of your family, working by your side and helping you grow your online community

We take care of everything so you can localize your info products in new markets almost hands-free.

We do not only adapt your texts and scripts to new cultures with our “True-Meaning”, 100% accurate translations method, but also look after:

  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Subtitling and managing voice actors
  • Media buying (or consulting for your team)
  • Social media content and management
  • Customer support
  • Email Marketing
  • And even coordinating affiliate launches for the right partners.

If you want to stop: 

  • Investing in expensive advertising platforms who suck your money out of your pockets like a vacuum cleaner at maximum capacity.
  • Spending time trying to figure out that “magic bullet” that can help you overcome your sales limit.
  • Dealing with the competition that takes away your clients and leaves you with breadcrumbs.

Localization is the right choice.

Our experts in non-English markets will be happy to share all the insights we’ve gotten from successfully launching 80+ programs for Mindvalley, and tell you how expanding to new languages can take your business to the next level.

The question here is… Are you ready to create great things together?


If you’re considering multilingual expansion seriously, we recommend you to book a call as soon as possible.

Right now we’re working with companies like Mindvalley and DigitalMarketer, and if we keep accepting more clients, our hands will be full.

Just in 2021 we localized 44 programs for Mindvalley. With such a load of work, we had to reject many businesses during that year.

We’re in constant growth and now we’re available to work with more companies, but don’t know for how long.

Let’s get you scheduled sooner than later, and we’ll be glad to help you with your localization strategy.

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